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Keep Reading in December

As I have said before, I read all the books I review.  This month's selections are an odd trio.

book jacket for GlaciersGlaciers by Alexis M. Smith

In this short novel, readers are presented with one day in the life of a young library worker who creates scenarios from the messages found on her collection of old postcards.  However, ironically,she is paralyzed by the hesitations she experiences living her own life.  The reason I chose this particular novel was because of a review I read which I found interesting.  I wish I could be as enthused as that reviewer.


book jacket for Before I FallBefore I Fall by Lauren Oliver

This teen book could be called "Groundhog Day" meets "Mean Girls."  It's an examination of teenage angst as a high school senior relives the last day of her life seven times.  The discovery of the importance of individuality and the commonality of hiding one's own insecurities is a powerful one.  However, when I finished this book, I was left with a feeling of discontent.  It must have affected me more than I realized.


book jacket for Heisman: the man behind the trophyHeisman:  The Man Behind the Trophy by John M. Heisman with Mark Schlabach

I love college football and have always been interested each year in who wins the Heisman Trophy.  However, I have never thought much about the man whose name is on that trophy.  This biography is written from personal documents, writings, playbooks, and unpublished correspondence with other college football coaches of the time, all of which were provided by the Heisman family.  We can, therefore, see a true picture of the evolution of the games itself, and the player, coach and man who was John W. Heisman.

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